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Fishing off Kingfisher Bay Jetty Fraser Island

 May Fishing report

May seen a mixed bag of fishing on the jetty with Mackeral around in big numbers During the day. The best method to catch them is to cast a small unweighted herring out and let it swim free if  the herring isn't swimming much don't be shy to jig for another as the Mackeral like them active. There have also been bream around during the day and night as the weather gets cooler they will arrive in big numbers. There have been a few Dew at night being caught as  well as during the day but night time is when the big ones come out to play. Still a few squid around both day and nights grab a torch and check the shallows at night i would be surprised if you didn't see a Tiger Squid. With the pencil squid hanging around the first bend at the boat ramp entrance. Plenty of flat head lies around the sand flats so it may pay to put your favourite jig on and try catch one. Still lots of whitting around the shallows  as well.

There have also been a few trevally and schools of mac tuna swimming past the jetty with the odd one being caught from the jetty. Marwong have also been caught during the night.

Herring they were in abundance at the start of the month they are hard to find at the moment they seem to be sitting just off the jetty and come in for a bit them leave try different colours a friend and i were jigging beside each other with different colours and he was producing alot more with his clear jig.

Fishing on Fraser Island
Mackerel caught at kingfisher bay

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